Karate Class


What will you get up to in one of our classes

Our Tiger Tots classes are specially designed to help younger children gain a solid grounding in the benefits of martial arts in a safe and responsible environment. This training system is designed to improve motor skills while enhancing attention skills. The instruction teaches the basic fundamentals of self-defence in a positive environment & includes a number of ‘life skills’. Classes use a range of techniques, including games, to teach & reinforce skills.


Our Beginners Classes will combine a range of the following & will be different in every class:

  • Warm up / stretching

  • Basics – single techniques & combinations, static & moving

  • Padwork

  • Working with partners

  • Patterns of movement / Forms (hyungs)

  • Self-defence techniques

  • Strength building / cardio exercises


We (my son and myself) have joined nearly a year ago and we absolutely love it. It’s not just exercising but also building up confidence, practicing discipline and patience. We get always treated with respect and are supported on our way to new targets. And most of all it’s fun, because it’s like finding a new family 😁 The new Oldham Mega centre looks amazing and is waiting for you to come and try TANG SOO DO 🥋