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Giving Back!

Updated: Feb 2

When we first started this adventure back in early 2016, our ambition was to be firmly rooted within the community and for us to support and work with them as best we could. We wanted to ‘give back’. As with all the best-laid plans, and many of our plans for the early years, this hasn't quite worked out as we thought it would as we began our journey.

The period during Covid, when we were closed to physical classes, gave us a period within which to reflect. Over the last 5 years we've not done as badly as we thought we had. We have:

  • Opened a second centre in a deprived area of Oldham, supporting a local charity

  • Worked with local schools to deliver taster sessions & some introductory martial arts classes for children who would not normally be able to experience or access martial arts

  • Delivered Curriculum Enrichment classes to students from Oldham College

  • Hosted volunteer placements & supported Duke of Edinburgh programmes

  • Developed & delivered our women only class so that Jewish and Muslim women could access physical exercise & martial arts like never before

  • Worked with the Jewish community to develop a class for Jewish males which meets their cultural needs

  • Supported a local Food Bank with collections made in our Centres and across other local centres

  • Supported Prestwich Carnival with sponsorship for the past couple of years

  • Buying locally whenever we can, supporting business in the local area and reducing ‘business miles’

  • Supported small local businesses to help them develop & expand

  • Developed & delivered a 10 week course for disengaged teenagers using martial arts as a catalyst for change

  • Worked with a local social enterprise to try to develop a martial arts offer that suitable for the more 'experienced' amongst our community (aged 65+)

  • Offered scholarship placements to those unable to afford tuition fees

  • Wholeheartedly supported the local I Will If You Will social movement for change

  • Worked with a leading ADHD practitioner to understand the impact of martial arts training on those with the condition - published in a book called ‘Own Your ADHD - Discover Your True Potential’ by Faigy Liebermann

  • Delivered free 6 week after school courses to children during pandemic lockdown

  • Raised money for the Teenage Cancer Trust via students taking part in the 100 Squat Challenge

It's not a bad list and we wish we could do far more, but it's a good start and something we want to build upon in future years. If you have any great ideas then let us know? We're always looking for ways to give back to the community.

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