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Mo (Student)

The challenges were endless, but were always in sight... Working with (the Instructors) was such an amazing & friendly experience, that I was completely blown away by the generosity & dedication that each & every member put into trying to accommodate me & making me feel like I had some worth.

Anna (Student)

It goes without saying that I really enjoy the physical side of Tang Soo.  There’s nothing better than kicking the stuffing out of a pad after a hard day at work!  I’ve learnt so much and continue to do so in every training session.

What I had initially overlooked was the level of technical detail involved in the sport.  This has been my biggest challenge.  I’m not naturally a ‘completer-finisher’ or anywhere near a ‘perfectionist’ but with my martial arts I’m really driven to keep on making sure I improve.  This has without doubt been led by my instructors.  The Nelsons are a formidable team.  Technically brilliant, encouraging, supportive and entertaining!  Not only this, but they have fostered a real family atmosphere throughout the centre.  It’s these two elements: the physical and the family, that have shaped my love for Tang Soo.

Natalie (Parent)

I just want to say a massive thank you. James and Dennis are absolutely loving martial arts and that's because of wonderful Marta who introduced us to it, and Mr Nelson obviously who the boys find hilarious. They have gained so much confidence. Roll on the next graduation.

Carol (Student)

I feel welcomed, wanted, respected and part of a group of people who support one another, and who have a common bond and goal, and this is something I never imagined I would find when I set out on my Tang Soo journey. My instructors have built this empowering but equally nurturing and instructive environment, where I am taught, challenged, and given a sense of belief in myself

Sarah (Student)

Not being able to do everything straight away, and getting bits wrong or needing to improve, are totally accepted as the norm at North Manchester Family Martial Arts Centres.

For me, the atmosphere that (the Instructors) create is one where everyone can truly learn and grow, as they can do so without fear. For someone like me, that has been life changing.

Ruth (Student)

The patience and attention to detail to each and every TSD member that Mr Nelson and all of the Nelson family give at The Prestwich centre makes you feel like you are their only student.

Gemma (Student)

At the start of my Tang Soo Do journey I was overweight, lacked confidence, struggled to focus and had little respect for myself and my body. Now, I feel physically and mentally strong, and my confidence and self-esteem is higher than it has ever been. Tang Soo Do has taught me to take ownership of my own mentality and physicality, and that with hard work, perseverance and dedication, I can achieve my goals, irrespective of negative external influences.

Sam (Parent)

I feel welcomed, wanted, respected and part of a group of people who support one another, and who have a common bond and goal, and this is something I never imagined I would find when I set out on my Tang Soo journey. My instructors has built this empowering but equally nurturing and instructive environment, where I am taught, challenged, and given a sense of belief in myself

Bernie (Student)

I began one year ago very sceptical after 40 years playing rugby, but soon became hooked! The quality of coaching, the friends/family I have made over this time has been a great benefit to my quality of life and wellbeing, being diagnosed as pre diabetic after 6 months of hard work this was reversed I’m fitter, slimmer and so much happier than I was previously! I feel very much indebted to all the instructors in Prestwich for helping me become a healthier and more contented person!!!

Matt (Parent/Student)

After several lessons, I could see how much (my daughter) was enjoying it & she had expressed that she wanted me to keep going with her. I also found that apart from the exercise, the message that was being taught was also quite inspiring. The Leadership Book that (my daughter)was given to work through, the Eight Key Concepts, and the overall philosophy really started to resonate with me and my life in general.

Even though I found the lessons physically difficult at the start, i found the encouraging nature of the (Instructors) in their teaching, very refreshing. Not at all like my karate instructor of old, or similarly to the experience (my daughter) had, where one would get yelled at or publicly humiliated if you couldn't do what was being asked or if struggling to keep up. Even though it was probably quite clear to the (Instructors) that I was struggling with my fitness, I was encouraged to keep going without pressure.

I can truly say, hand on heart, that Tang Soo Do has been at the centre of a dramatic change in me and my outlook on life. I'm fitter, healthier, I've lost two stone in weight and I feel a lot more alive, stronger & more confident than I have in many years.

Steph (Student)

I joined the North Manchester Family Martial Arts Centre in May 2016 after taking a short break from Tang Soo Do. 
Since returning the Nelson’s have helped me grow in confidence and have given me the courage to continue my journey to achieving my black belt. 
I cannot recommend this centre highly enough! The Nelson family have created a unique environment that helps you become stronger both physically and mentally. It allows you to challenge yourself, grow as an individual and meet amazing new people! 
Thank you for everything!

Kate (Parent)

Both my daughters and I are members and have been coming for around 3 months and we're all loving it. My youngest (3) comes to Tiger Tots on Saturdays, the class is super friendly and there's lots of play alongside learning technique.
My older daughter and I attend the leaders classes giving us an opportunity to do something together. The classes are very focused and hard work but really enjoyable with the added benefit of learning self-defence skills that we'll hopefully never need.

Jane (Parent)

I type this on the day my son gained his blue belt and i've watched him over the last 7 months as his confidence ,stamina ,strength and fitness has grown . The Nelson's are not only excellent teachers they are also very supportive and encouraging, helping them to believe in their abilities , they have created a very friendly environment where everyone has become friends and supports and encourages each other, making the journey to black belt a very enjoyable one even for me the spectator.
I most definitely made the right choice for my son.

Carole (Student)

I joined in May and attend 2 classes a week. The Nelsons are a family of 4 very dedicated Black Belts, who share their knowledge & experience with all their students, offering support & encouragement in every lesson, therefore making it enjoyable. I am now, after 3 months, slowly starting to see & feel the benefits & would recommend anyone to give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

Manisha (Student)

I've been attending Tang Soo Do classes twice a week with the Nelson family for just under half a year now, and I have to admit that I can't even remember what life was like beforehand! Since joining the training centre I have made good friends, learnt invaluable training skills, self-belief in my abilities and therefore a huge boost in confidence, and a change to my fitness regime (I didn't need to particularly lose weight but it is helping me to become strong, tone all over and to exercise outside of class more easily). 

The Nelson's passion for Tang Soo Do is apparent in their teaching, and this overall makes the whole experience fun and interesting in every single way - keep it up, I can't wait to see what the next 12 months will bring!

David (Student/Parent)

After starting, it very rapidly became clear the Family Martial Arts Centre was a really great place to train. Tang Soo Do has a great set of key values that are more than just a martial art. It's a kind of vitamin that benefits mind, body & soul.

I couldn't have picked a better Centre than Prestwich. Mr Nelson and his family were the Instructors at the old centre when we joined and it was easy to see immediately that they were really the best at what they do. Now, at the new centre, we have added Mr Ogden, Mrs Plummer & Mrs Kelly to the Instructor Team. All of our Instructors are excellent. They are approachable and kind-hearted people and I really do feel that the atmosphere they create in the centre is first class. 

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