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2024 Dates for your Diary

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

To make sure you know what is happening when & so you turn up in the right place at the right time, here is a list of the key dates for students/parents for 2024 (as they currently stand).

Picture of a diary

Get them in your diary, into your phones or onto your fridge - miss them & miss out!

All of these dates have also already been added to the website & have been published on the various Facebook sites.


Keep the following Saturdays free:

  • Saturday 16th December 2023

  • Saturday 17th February 2024

  • Saturday 13th April 2024

  • Saturday 15th June 2024

  • Saturday 17th August 2024

  • Saturday 19th October 2024

  • Saturday 14th December 2024

There are other options available for people who cannot Graduate on a Saturday for religious, cultural or work reasons. Don't miss out - speak to your Instructor & they will advise what options are available to you.

Dan Preparation Seminars

These events, free to students from our Prestwich, Oldham & Middleton Centres, work through the Hyungs (Forms) and Hol Sin Sool (Self-Defences) that students need for the Dan Assessment Days. It is a chance to really get into the detail & to spend concerted time practicing. 2nd Gups & above may attend (red Belts with 1 Blue Tab) The sessions, which take place between 2.00pm & 4.30pm, are planned for:

  • Saturday 9th March 2024 (Hyungs)

  • Saturday 23rd March 2024 (Hol Sin Sool)

  • Saturday 21st September 2024 (Hyungs)

  • Saturday 28th September 2024 (Hol Sin Sool)

Dan Assessment Days

If you are looking to test for your Back Belt (at any level) during 2024, these days are essential. They are held at the Swinton Centre:

  • Sunday 14th April 2024 (all day)

  • Sunday 13th October 2024 (all day)

Dan Tests

Should you be successful at the Assessment Day, these are the key dates that you cannot miss:

  • Saturday 18th May 2024 (afternoon)

  • Saturday 16th November 2024 (afternoon)

Instructor Training Programme

The times & venues will be confirmed closer to the time but they are usually held on the first Sunday of the month at the Bury Centre, so they should be the following dates:

  • Sunday 3rd December 2023

  • Sunday 7th January 2024

  • Sunday 4th February 2024

  • Sunday 3rd March 2024

  • Sunday 7th April 2024

  • Sunday 5th May 2024

  • Sunday 2nd June 2024

  • Sunday 7th July 2024

  • Sunday 4th August 2024

  • Sunday 1st September 2024

  • Sunday 6th October 2024

  • Sunday 3rd November 2024

  • Sunday 1st December 2024

More detail is published on the closed Instructor Training Facebook Groups.

Regional Dan Seminars

These sessions are aimed at bringing all the Dan-level students from across the North West together for a seminar at the Essa Academy, led by the Masters, covering areas of the syllabus not normally covered in class. The dates for these are:

  • Saturday 18th May 2024 (afternoon)

  • Saturday 16th November 2024 (afternoon)

There is an opportunity to stay on after the seminar to support & join in the Dan Test.

Annual Family Awards Evening

This will be held on Saturday 30th November at Davyhulme Golf Club. It's a great chance to take off the Do Boks and put on the 'Glad Rags' to show off your dance moves, rather than your martial arts ones. Alongside Awards for the Centres, there are Awards presented to students on the evening including:

  • Most Improved Student

  • Black Belt Attitude

  • Contribution to the Club

Closure Periods

The Prestwich, Middleton & Oldham Centres will be closed on the following dates. Students should attend for classes on days/weeks either side of these periods:

  • Friday 22nd December 2023 to Monday 1st January 2024 inclusive

    • There will be a special 'Burn your Christmas dinner off' session at Prestwich on Wednesday 27th December 2023 (5.30pm - Tigers & 6.00pm - Leadership Students)

    • There will be a special 'I've eaten too much & done too little' session at Oldham on Thursday 28th December 2023 (5.30pm - Tigers & 6.00pm - Leadership Students)

  • Friday 29th March 2024 to Monday 1st April 2024 (inclusive)

  • Monday 27th May 2024

  • Monday 26th August 2024

  • Monday 23rd December 2024 to Wednesday 1st January 2025 (Inclusive)

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