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Dan Shim Sa

Yesterday (Saturday 20th May 2023) saw one of our most important events of the year - the Dan Shim Sa (Black Belt Test).

This is combined with a seminar for all Cho, Ee & Sam Dans (1st, 2nd & 3rd Dans), where the Masters took the Dan Students through elements of their syllabus in more detail. These Seminars are free & are a great way to get extra practice, additional teaching & to fill in any gaps in your knowledge. These Black Belts then stay on for the Dan Test to help & support the Dan Candidates as they go through their tests. Thanks to all this that attended to support their classmates - let's try to get more of you there for the next Dan Seminar & Test in November (Saturday 25th November - get the date in your diary now!)

Students from our Centre included:

  • Miss Lucy Jackson (Prestwich)

  • Mr Hardy Singh Taak (Prestwich)

  • Mr Oliver Garrity (Middleton)

  • Mr Jack Kelly (Oldham)

The should get their results over the next day or two so keep your fingers crossed for good news!

This Dan Shim Sa was a quietist affair with 3 students testing for Ee Dan (2nd Dan) and around 25 testing for Cho Dan (1st Dan) - a consequence of Covid. The next one should be a much more lively affair with around five times as many students potentially eligible to test - who goes depends on progress & attendance at class!

Photos & videos from the day have been uploaded to our Facebook page but here are a small selection from the event.

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