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These are strange & interesting times…

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

In these strange & different times, having a foothold within some form of normality helps us all to make sense of the things that are happening to us & around us. Having that anchor point can allow us the space & capacity to deal with the unknown, the different & the scary.

I have spoken to many students & parents about how wonderful it has been for their ‘normal’ martial arts classes to carry on - first in virtual form during the national lockdown and then in physical form once these restrictions were relaxed a little. It has provided continuity to schedules, been a great stress reliever and been part of a framework of normality in a sea of change.

Photo of a 'just cleaned' Do Jang
Prestwich Do Jang

We have worked so hard to make sure that we have been able to continue, albeit in a slightly changed form, and be part of your ‘new normal’. However, this ‘new normal’ requires all of us to play our part. Thank you to the vast majority of people who’s behaviour & actions has supported the work we have done, but for this to work and for all of us to stay safe, it requires the actions of EACH & EVERY ONE of us.

  1. Book in for every class you attend - we use the booking system to remain compliant with the Track & Trace regulations, so every time you ignore this instruction you put the club at risk. Classes get busy so think up to a week in advance & if you do have to socially isolate, cancel your booking to free up spaces for others

  2. Be on time - Part of our safety protocols means locking down the building once class starts & only reopening once we have finished. As the weather gets bad, you don’t want to be locked out in the rain & snow

  3. Wear your masks when entering & exiting the buildings and try not to pass people in corridors - wait & allow them to exit/enter before you enter/exit

  4. Observe the social distancing guides (cones) in the class & observe good social distancing protocols during the class

There's no 'I' in TEAM

Together, we can do our part to help to get the best out of the current situation

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