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What?!? You have a Referral Scheme?

Heard about our 'referral scheme'? We do often mention it in class, but we know that people often forget about it & the message can sometimes struggle to get home with the kids (ever asked 'what did you do at school today' and get the answer 'nothing!'?).

Well, first things first, Family Martial Arts Centres are referral based Academies meaning we operate a Referral Scheme & it is the main way in which we try to recruit new students. Yes, we advertise. Yes, we post leaflets. Yes, we do open days & go into schools. However, what we want to do is recruit people JUST LIKE YOU.

People often surround themselves with people like themselves and so our preferred recruitment method is via direct referrals from students. This ensures you train with like minded students and you get to choose who you train with. It also enables profits to be re-invested back into our schools instead of expensive advertising.

We ask all students (and parents) to help promote our art to the wider community by inviting others to participate in our martial art and for them to experience the many benefits that Tang Soo Do has to offer. If you love it, so will they.

So how does it work

  • You tell friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues, etc about your local Family Martial Arts Centre.

  • Give them the Centre's contact details: * Prestwich - 07811 006469 * Oldham - 07582 675068 * Middleton - 07704 688071

  • You can also use one of our Referral Cards - just add your name so we know who it's come from

  • Your referral calls up, books in & has a Trial Class. If they decide to join, you are awarded with our ‘Referral Patch’ & a voucher entitling you to your next Graduation for FREE.

  • Even if they don't join up, the kids can gain a referral badge for their uniform (who doesn't love a badge!?!)

This scheme operates throughout the year & can be claimed as many times as you want.

Did you know?

On our Referral Patch, there are 14 laurel leaves on each side of the patch which represent the fourteen states of Korea and advancing peace. The six red berries represent the six inhabited continents in the world. The patch should be sewn around the circular patch on the left side of your uniform.

Thank you for your support of Family Martial Arts Centres and your dedication and commitment to learning Tang Soo Do.

Get referring team 👍

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