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Activities to Make the Most of Your Christmas Break: Stay Active, Get Fit & Learn New Things

As we approach the festive break, I thought it worthwhile just listing out some of the resources to help you stay trim & fit, keep progressing & learn new skills over this period.

As a reminder, the final day of classes in 2023 will be Thursday 21st December, with Saturday 16th December being the Graduation at Essa Academy. We reopen for classes on Tuesday 2nd January 2024.

Classes over the Festive Period

If you want to keep training & attending classes, some centres are open over the festive period, including before & between Christmas & New Year. Keep an eye out for announcements on the FMAC Group Facebook Page.

Keeping Active

The FMAC TV YouTube page has a range of fitness activities for you to undertake, such as Miss Brown's Workout of the Week, Mr Nelson's 10 Daily Exercises, or the huge range of pre-recorded classes available.

Stopping little ones from getting bored

There are enough pre-recorded Tiger Tots classes for you to be able to play one out each day for those Tigers with too much energy. Just search 'Tiger' on the FMAC TV YouTube channel to bring up all the classes. Alternatively, keep them busy for a whole day by playing this playlist.

Improving your skills

Again, there are masses of pre-recorded classes, plus videos on specific skills - blocks, kicks, self-defences, etc. Have a browse through the FMAC TV YouTube channel or search for what you are after. We also have some videos of the hyungs & hol sin sool on our website.

Preparing for Dan Assessment & getting ahead of the game

Red Belts can practice their hol sin sool & hyungs to make sure they're on top of the syllabus (see above) & all Red Belts will earn my undying gratitude by learning the basics of Bassai

Alternatively, just relax & take a break. We'll be back in the New Year refreshed & ready to go.

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