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Did you know...?

Here are a list of things that we regularly get asked about / for - so we have put lots of the information online for you:

What time are classes?

When is the next Graduation?

How do I know if my child can graduate?

Simple - you just come into the Centre to ask us & we'll let you know. We also speak to the students to tell them, so you child may already know the answer to that one.

We are Jewish so we cannot Graduate on a Saturday - what about us?

Alternative dates are available for students that cannot graduate on a Saturday due to religious or cultural reasons. These are often held at the Bury Centre on the Sunday after the normal Graduation

Can you send me a Graduation Form?

No. We don't send forms out. The form is online at

Where can I find the terminology for my son/daughter's level?

We have a series of downloads, for different student levels, at

Where is Graduation?

Where can I find a video to help my son / daughter / me to learn the Hyung (Form) / Self-Defence?

Check out our videos on the website or on the FMAC TV YouTube Channel

My child has lost their workbook, how do I get a new one?

You can order one online in the Club Shop

My son/daughter has grown out of their uniform - where do I get a new one?

You can order one online in the Club Shop

How do I know what the homework is for my son /daughter?

Check out the notice boards in the centre, listen to the announcements at the end of the class or check out the Facebook page for my class / Centre.

We are going away, can we come for extra sessions before / afterwards to make up for the time we missed?

Yes. You can also attend classes at one of our other Centres if you cannot make your normal sessions.

Little Jonny never tells me what's going on in class & I keep missing the deadlines, can you email me when things are due?

We try to keep emails to a minimum so that we're not clogging up your inboxes, plus not everyone is in your position.

If you use Facebook, you should follow the page appropriate to your Centre/Programme - this will keep you up to date with all the goings on in their classes:

If you are NOT a Facebook user, you can get all of the main news items/deadlines via our app. Download it from

Other than that, you're on your own!

What's this I hear about a 'referral scheme'?

Our referral scheme is simple. If you refer a student to us & they come down for a Trail Class & join up, then you qualify for a 'referral bonus'. This can either be a free Graduation (we'll pay for it for you) or £25 off the club shop (indulge in a T-shirt or two, get some sparring equipment or buy some training aids for home). Simply get them to mention you when they book in then let us know which student you are claiming for.

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