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FMAC Summer 2024 Referral Campaign

Updated: Jun 5

We would like to invite you to join in with our summer referral campaign. This will run over the months of June, July & August & you can take part as many times as you like.

Whilst Family Martial Arts Centres are giving away some amazing prizes to our students, the biggest and best gift you can give friends, colleagues & family is sharing the benefits that you’ve had on your journey through the Martial Arts. That way, they can gain some of the benefits that you have enjoyed too.

As an extra thank you, you could win X-box/Playstation goodies or a mountain bike or an iPad. This is on top of your FREE Graduation, our coveted Referral patch, your Instructor’s gratitude and a T-shirt (design of your choice!)

It’s going to work (something) like this….


Every referral that you make is logged and the students that make referrals form a Leader Board. Those students at the top of the Leader Board at the end of the summer win prizes - Gold, Silver & Bronze. So the more referrals you make, the greater chance of a better prize.

Sign Ups

Every one of your referrals that signs up, also ‘levels you up’ and gains you a chance at more prizes:

  • Yellow Belt level - FREE Graduation, Referral Patch & T-Shirt

  • Orange Belt level - FREE Graduation, Hoodie, plus £50 Pro Shop Voucher

  • Green Belt level - FREE Graduation, plus chance to win Acer 10” Tablet (or cash equivalent)

  • Red Belt level - FREE Graduation, plus chance to win a Mountain Bike (or cash equivalent)

  • Black Belt level - FREE Graduation, plus chance to win £400 of X-Box/Playstation Vouchers

The Leader Boards for Referrals & Sign Ups will be shared across the Centres, adding a little friendly competition into the mix - we’d love to see names from the Prestwich, Oldham, Middleton & Denton Centres towards the top.

So, here's what you can do to maximise your chances of success…

  1. Just ask your friends, family & colleagues,

  2. Take some referral cards & give them out (with your name on) to class/work mates

  3. Take some leaflets & place them through doors near your house (let us know what streets you have done)

  4. Refer people to our website but tell them to mention you

  5. Like & Share our social media posts ( and Instagram: @nmfmac)

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