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How can you help your Centre?

We are often overwhelmed with all the amazing offers of help and support that we get from our students and parents.

If you have ever wondered about how you can help your centre, here are a few easy-to-do ideas inspired by some of you:


Going out and leafleting an area like the Instructors do is very time consuming but here are a couple of easy ways which you can help:

  • Pushing a few leaflets into the letterbox on your street(s), maybe on a walk with the kids or while taking the dog for a walk? Make sure you take your ‘leafleting spoon’ (ask me about it in class!)

  • Taking a little stack of leaflets to school/work or pinning a few of them on a notice board.

Let us know where you have done - sending us your pictures or videos (of you leafleting) will motivate others to do the same and remember for each person that signs up thanks to you you'll have a free Graduation on us and you get our coveting Referral Patch

Spread the word

Talk to friends, family, colleagues or neighbours about your passion - I'm not talking about sleeping - I mean the other passion that brings us together at least once a week; the one that teaches us self-defence, improves our mental health, makes us fit & strong & empowers us to be the best that we possibly can be. Please tell them why you love Tang Soo Do, why your children like it and what we all get in return.

Just last week, I had a chat with my friend who is the mum of a 4-year-old girl. She was very surprised to find out that we don't just meet to fight and that we teach so much more than that. A lot of people believe that's all we do but you all know the truth.

Social media

This is probably the easiest way to help your centre as you don’t even need to leave the sofa to do it. We communicate through Facebook and Instagram every day about how our students are doing, what we are planning and what's coming up. With social media it's pretty simple really. All of the reactions, comments and shares keep pushing the posts further out, reaching more people. So please like, comment & share. This way more and more people will see that we aren't fighters but martial artists. Share your success with your friends and if you tag us in your post, your friends will know where to find us and help them see what we really do. If you feel that way inclined, you can even recommend us too!

Thank you again for your continuous support. We greatly appreciate it. Tang Soo

Mrs Marta Kelly

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