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How to pick a Martial Arts club

Starting a new martial art is a commitment. You are investing your time & money and putting your body under some stress. It is therefore important to find the right club for you. Use our handy guide to find the best club for what you’re looking for.

Proximity to you

When you’re starting out, your club needs to be close enough so you will keep going back. Its location needs to fit in with your day, as you’ll be going after work/school or taking time out of your weekend. As you get more into your martial art, you’ll find that you’ll be willing to travel further for sessions/seminars/gradings, but to start with stay local.

Instructors do not have to have a black belt to teach a class, but belt gradings determine a minimum level of skill or experience. Whilst higher is not always better, it’s good indicator when you first walk in. Importantly, your Instructor should be allowed to teach by his/her governing body, have a level of training and be insured to do so.

Online reviews

In the age of the internet everyone has an opinion. Check out the club’s Google/Facebook pages and have a look at the online reviews and comments. However, remember that the internet is both a wonderful and an awful place, so take all comments, good and bad, with a pinch of salt.

What do you want?

Do you want to hit, grab, throw, use weapons, get fit? Each martial art has a different approach to fighting and training. Check out martial arts style guides to get an idea on what each one offers.

Do you want formal or informal?

Do you want to call your Instructor Sir or Ma’am/Sensei/Sifu or Dave? Traditional martial arts are more formal and some are more relaxed. This will often be down to the art itself, but can also relate to the Instructor’s teaching style. All of us thrive differently under these different styles, so think about which one you prefer.

Try It Out

You never have to go back to a class, so make a list of the ones you like the look of and try a few out. Most offer a first lesson free, so it shouldn’t cost you very much to have a few taster sessions. Book a FREE online session with us here

Sport Club vs Training Club

Some clubs focus only on competitions, some on training, some both. Again, try out different variations to see which you prefer. Also have a think about whether you want to compete or just train & work through the grades.

It should be fun!

If it doesn’t feel like fun, don’t go. Find somewhere you enjoy. That’s how you will keep it up in the long run. Martial arts training will be hard at times, frustrating and even painful. But it should always in the end be fun.

Thinking of trying out then, have a look at all of our locations across the North West.

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