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It's all gone rather well considering...

As we come to the end of week 2 in our new digs at Sedgley Gardens, all the students that have been down seem to have settled in well.

We're seeing the same wide-eyed expressions of joy in their eyes as they come in for the first time (as was the case when we opened our full-time centre in Oldham).

We've now finished off the final bits and bobs of jobs - there's now no roaring draught by the desk; the Club Shop is now in place (although we need a few more display t-shirts); we've worked out how to keep the temperature at a constant, comfortable level; and the pads are now up on the walls in their final places.

We've also made a couple of changes:

  • As part of our sustainability & recycling drive, we've stopped selling bottled water - you should bring a water bottle to class (especially as we've been turning the dial up a little on class intensity).

  • We've got rid of the recycling bin (most people can't seem to read and just chucked their rubbish in it anyway, despite the fact it was next to the bin 😡) - we don't need it if we're not selling bottled water. If you bring any single-use bottles, please take them home & recycle them there.

  • We have a 'no food policy'. Please don't being food into the Centre - you spill it, it gets on the feet of students and makes it's way onto the mats. Please don't bring food into any part of the Centre as we'll only have to shout at you!

So now it's business as usual - which includes the '5 Minute Rule' (more than 5 minutes late for the start of class & you will not be allowed to join in). Relax, enjoy the new centre & let's work hard towards that next Gup Level or Dan Assessment 👍

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