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One hand up or two hands up?

This blog is a bit of a follow up to one a few weeks ago about how to increase your training time for FREE. All this week, we have been asking three simple questions of you all…

  1. Put one hand up if you have been practicing your martial arts (& in particular your Forms/Hyungs) at home?

  2. Put your other hand up if you want to go to Graduation on the weekend of 13th August?

  3. Only leave your hands up if you have BOTH raised?

We can teach you your martial arts techniques but in order for you to remember them & perfect them, you need to be practicing them.

Now some of you come to class 3 or 4 times per week, so you are getting plenty of practice. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t be practicing more, but you are probably getting plenty of time on the various elements your will need to demonstrate at Graduation. If you are hoping to go for assessment for your Black Belt this year, you should be coming in at least 3 times a week, possibly doing double classes too - for the 6 months prior to my Dan Assessment/Test, I was doing 14 hours of training per week, plus attending occasional classes at other centres. Now I don’t propose you all do this, but there should be a sweet spot in between 1 hour per week and 14+ hours.

If you only come once a week, then you must be practicing at home - 10-15 minutes out of your day is nothing. Do that a couple of times per week & you’ve had another class! We can tell who practices - it shows on the mats.

Now is the time to create a habit - a good one - whilst things are a little quieter over the summer period (kids are of school & parents take leave to look after them). Come September, those 10-15 minutes will be a regular part of your day and so it will continue. So will your improvement!

So ask yourself a question:

‘Have I practiced at home this week?’

If not, get out into the garden in the sunshine & practice your martial arts for 15 minutes.

Not sure what you should be practicing?

  1. Pay more attention in class

  2. Ask

  3. Look on our various social media platforms where we publish the syllabus

  4. Check the video sections of the website or the FMACTV YouTube channel

Do this & I will guarantee you will be able to attend more Graduations as you will retain more, develop faster & be a better martial artist.

I’ll be asking the same questions in future weeks & I’ll be looking for honest answers. What are you waiting for? Off you go...

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