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Information about this weekend's Graduation/Grading

The next Graduation/Grading is this weekend on Saturday 12th February at Essa Academy, Lever Edge Ln, Bolton BL3 3HH. The times have been published in advance in the Centres, on Facebook and on the Graduation Form - as a reminder you can find them here. For this of you that like to plan ahead, the dates for the whole year are published in advance.

Tigers (9.00am)

They will be supported to remember the syllabus, with lots of friendly faces amongst the Instructors for those who may be a little nervous at their first one. If they bring the energy, they will be fine...

White Belts (10.00am)

This includes any striped belts who have moved up from Tigers and is possibly the most nervous group of the day. Mr Nelson Snr is in charge so, again, a familiar face for most of you. Just show us what you have been learning in class & you will do great:

  • Front Stance

  • Horse Stance

  • Front Kick

  • Chop kicks

  • Backfist & Cross

  • Inside to Outside Middle Block

  • 2 onto 2 Wrist Grip Self-Defence

Yellow & Orange Belts (11.00am)

As well as demonstrating the current syllabus, you will recap some of the other syllabus that you have learned in the past:

  • High Blocks & Low Blocks

  • Side, Back & Cross-Legged Stances

  • Jab & Cross plus Chop & Punch

  • Roundhouse & Side Kicks

  • Same-Side & Cross-Hand Self-Defences

Blue Belts (12.00pm)

As well as all of the above, you will be adding in the Beginner Form (Cho Bo Ja Hyung)

6th Gups to 2nd Gups (Green Belts to Red Belts with 1 Blue Tab)

12.00pm for Green Belts & 1.00pm for Red Belts.

Don't forget your sparring gear - please don't be the student who has to do the walk of shame to the front desk... Your focus should be Basic From #3 & Pyung Ahn Sam Dan (just what we have been working on in class)

1st Gups (Senior Red Belts) (1.00pm)

Be prepared... On top of the above, you may get asked to do any Basic Form, plus the Pyung Ahn Hyung previous to the current one (Pyung Ahn Ee Dan Hyung). If you are going for your 5th Black Tab, you will also demonstrate Bassai Hyung

Black Belts (2.00pm)

As well as your current syllabus, you could get asked ANYTHING off the Gup syllabus - time to reach back into those darkest recesses of the mind!

Relax though - if you're going, then you're good enough (we've made sure). Enjoy the day & prove why you are part of the best martial arts club in the universe...

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