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The power of two...

Ever since we formed in 2016, we have tried to give back & be part of the local community. For the past few years, as part of that approach, we have collected for the local food bank in the run up to the festive period. Food banks, more than ever before, are under huge pressure from people needing their services, but the festive period in particular places additional strain on their services. We have tried to help.

We have had tremendous responses from our student body, donating huge amounts of food & spare goods, and this year has been no different. However, I got to thinking... ('uh oh!' comes the cry from friends, family & students who've been with us a while! 😉)

Across the Prestwich & Oldham Centres, we have almost 400 students (old, young & all points in between)...

Is it possible that each student could afford to donate two cheap items off the list that Porch Boxes desperately needs?

There are three weeks left in our collection period (the month of November).

So that's 800 items per week and, if my maths is correct, 2,400 items before the end of the month. If we assume 20 items in a family food pack to help support a family in need for a week, we could be responsible for supporting 120 families for a week, 60 families for two weeks, etc

Many of you train more than once a week & may choose to bring items in every time you train, so that 120 families could just be the tip of the iceberg.

So my challenge to you all is this:

Bring in two cheap items (off the list) every week for the next three weeks

Feel free to go over & above - bring a bag in, bring in two items every time you train, bring in more than two. Whatever you can! You fill the Donation Stations & the two Mr Nelsons will make sure it gets delivered to Porch Boxes just as soon as we have car loads.

Thank you in advance 👍

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